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The dog is much happier and so is our family.

Last year we adopted a dog, Luna, and when we took her home she was a maniac – destroying our furniture, kitchen cabinets, and yard. By the end of the week I was ready to return her, but my son and daughter had already become attached to her.

I called the shelter for a referral to a dog trainer, and they kindly referred me to Faith at Instant Karma Dog Training…. Luna has recently graduated from her training program and our household is much more at peace. Faith has been our dog whisperer, and has really helped us understand Luna and her needs better, as well as how to teach her what is acceptable behavior and what is not for this household. The dog is much happier and so is our family.

 My family and I would be pleased to recommend Faith to any shelter dog and their people.

Patricia Rivera
Mom of Luna the Min Pin