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She realized right away that Molly wasn’t dog aggressive…

Words can’t really express what Faith has done for Molly and me, but I will try….

I adopted Molly from (a local) shelter. She is a boxer-pit bull mix and was a handful. She had separation anxiety and was very energetic.

Molly and I had a very bad start at another training facility. I work full time and needed to take her to doggie daycare. I also needed help training her since I have not had a big dog and didn’t know how to work with her. When (the other facility) evaluated her they told me she was dog aggressive and they would keep her in a kennel and train her every day for 30 minutes. She was there for about 8 weeks and instead of getting better she became more anxious and unhappy. The owner of the facility told me she might never be able to be around other dogs. This was very upsetting as Molly is my companion and I wanted to take her everywhere with me.

Faith was recommended to me by my friend, and I am so fortunate to have found her. She realized right away that Molly wasn’t dog aggressive – just starved from no contact with other dogs, and being young, did not know how to meet and greet them.

Faith helped Molly learn how to be around other dogs. She truly connected to Molly, and with her expertise Molly has become a wonderful dog! She “trained” me, as well, and gave me the confidence to continue working with Molly to help her be the awesome dog Faith knew she could be!

Faith is a wealth of knowledge and is not stuck on one way of training. She works with you and finds the training and tricks that work for you and your dog. Molly and I are truly blessed to have worked with her!

Robin Kearney
Mom of Molly the Boxer-Pit Bull mix