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Adopters tell us that Faith worked miracles!

Faith is our go-to trainer when it comes to fixing dog problems! Her positive, reward-based training methods along with her calm, easy, and creative approach to problem-solving gets results and makes learning fun for both the dogs and their owners. From basic dog manners and housebreaking to tougher problems like separation anxiety, fear, and reactivity, Faith covers it all.

Each year, we rescue hundreds of dogs of all breeds, sizes, backgrounds and personalities. Faith is a pro at helping us assess and understand our rescue dogs so we can help them become more confident, happy, mannerly and, ultimately, adoptable!

We often rely on Faith to help ensure a smooth transition with certain adoptions, or we recommend her to adopters who contact us because their dogs have developed unacceptable behaviors. After training sessions with Faith, it’s not uncommon for adopters to tell us that Faith worked miracles!

Our rescue wouldn’t be nearly as successful if it weren’t for Faith and her unique ability to bring out the best in our dogs and all of us who love them.

Lorie Armbruster
New Beginnings for Animals