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Annie needed something more than just love.

My husband and I adopted Annie, a rescue dog of unknown history and uncertain age who presented us with many challenges. Although we had adopted two rescue dogs previously, Annie needed something more than just love. Her problem issues included growling, barking and snapping at unfamiliar persons, pulling when going for walks, and significant reactivity toward other dogs. Although we were dreading the thought of it, we were seriously considering returning Annie to the rescue group. We agreed this would be the plan if training didn’t prove to be successful.

With training provided in 1-hour sessions, three days per week for a total of four weeks (Turbo Training), Annie made incredible progress in all of the addressed areas, and we learned a great deal about how to manage potentially problematic situations. We found it very helpful that Faith was able to provide non-reactive “Helper Dogs” as part of the training, which provided safe opportunities for Annie to learn how to interact and go for walks with other dogs.

Faith was amazing to work with as a trainer. She emphasized consistency and positive reinforcement as her primary tools. She was very professional, always on time, great with communication (in person, as well as text messages), sincerely cares for animals, and clearly has all the skills and passion required to be the great trainer that she has become.

Annie is a much happier dog, with a big thanks to Faith.

Carolyn Watkins
Mom of Annie the Tibetan Spaniel Mix